Sherwood life

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I opted for a single study which meant my room was slightly smaller than my friends who had a private shared bathroom but with a ratio of 6 people to 3 showers I didn’t think we were doing too badly! We also get a sink in our rooms which other people are jealous of.

Every room has a desk, chair, fridge, wardrobe and a number of shelves. The layout depends on where your room is situated in your hall – but its up to you to decorate it to fit your style – I wish I brought more photos and wall hangings – also consider putting up the posters and cards you receive in Week One, they add more colour to your room.


The best thing about catered halls is that meal times, especially dinner, are a chance for everyone to catch up on each other’s day and plan any evening activity. It’s a good idea for someone to knock for your friends when you want to go – or set up a block Facebook or WhatsApp chat. You can order packed meals to collect if you are going to miss a mealtime.

Formal dinners are also something to look forward to; these are when you all dress up and are served a 3-course meal, with live musicians in the background.

Each hall has a library, bar and JCR (Junior Common Room). A JCR committee will be elected, probably some time in October, who will organise social events and sport teams. There is a common room for socialising and watching TV – the football and Made in Chelsea drew the biggest crowds.

There is a laundry room located in your hall, any post will go in your pigeonhole and if you receive any packages reception will email you.

The warden and hall managers oversee the hall and there are a number of tutors (PHD students) living in blocks – I was next to one and don’t worry it doesn’t make much of a difference.


sherwood quad insta


Photo credits: Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu


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