Post lecture activity: nights out in Nottingham

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  • Oceana, Forum and Ocean host the official student nights, mainly playing chart music. Ocean in particular is a famous Nottingham tradition that plays the Baywatch theme each week and even David Hasselhoff visited last year.
  • Monday: Coco Tang, the classiest place to be found on a night out, has a delicious Toblerone cocktail but make sure you a dressed up to get in
  • Tuesday: Market Bar has a hip hop night and Bakery is popular at Lacehouse (a student founded night)
  • Crisis is biggest night on a Wednesday, and is where sport teams celebrate or commiserate after the day’s matches.
  • Thursdays offer the best alternatives with Dive at Market Bar, Goldteeth at Bodega and Twisted at Pandora’s Box – all favourites of many!
  • The biggest disparity in music taste can be found on a Friday: Dollop or Detonate at Stealth (House), Bopp at Pandora’s Box (1950s/60s classics) or Pop Confessional at Bodega.
  • Also look out for one off nights such as Caramello – this funk and soul mix sells out far in advance!

Make sure you get home safely, always try to taxi share – it should be around £2 each and the SU has a safe taxi scheme you can use as well.


  • The Savoy Cinema is located in Lenton, where most second and third years live. It reminds me of an old-school film theatre and it’s student prices can’t be beaten! Only a short trip from campus.
  • The only student run theatre in the country, the Nottingham New Theatre, shows both in-house and fringe plays each week, check them out!
  • Jam Café in town hosts an Open Mic night which I have heard good things about.
  • Lots of societies put on shows throughout the year, for example Musicality performed Phantom of the Opera last year, Improv society put on ‘Bantermine’ and the Gospel Choir won a national award.

Other options

  • I only went once but wished I went more, every Sunday ‘Mooch’ hosts a pub quiz, teams can be as big as you like, you can grab a drink or a meal alongside it and a group I know won £450!
  • Varsity matches are played between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent in semester two and the atmosphere at the Ice Hockey and Basketball in particular are great to soak up.
  • If you want to treat yourself to a nice meal, ‘Annie’s‘ is a famous burger joint and ‘Red Hot World Buffet’ apparently caters to all tastes.
  • Follow Impact and The Tab for upcoming events, reviews and showcases to find out things to do around Nottingham.


Photo credit: University of Nottingham.



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