Moving in day: what to expect

Published by the University of Nottingham’s Freshers 2014 Student Campaign: A fresh start blog (Online) August 15, 2014. 1, 713 views, second highest of the campaign.

The fact I was actually going to start university crept up on me so I actually didn’t start thinking about it until quite late and left packing until the day before. My uncle and cousin (hopefully a future UoN student) drove me to Nottingham with my parents and helped me move in. On arrival I was given my key and shown to my room by a very friendly Week One rep. We went for lunch then my family left me to start the quest to meet my hall mates, which included meeting the people who lived opposite and joining a group sitting in the quad (luckily it was a sunny day!).

What to bring

  • Bed sheets, a duvet, pillows and covers (check whether your room has a single or three-quarter bed in advance)
  • Decorations for your room (and blue-tack and pins for the noticeboard provided)
  • Variety of clothes (I expected freezing temperatures but basked in an extended summer for the first few weeks) and a LOT of extra hangers
  • Any stationary, folders or pens you may want
  • A form of ID – necessary for registration and nights out
  • Your bank card (got to access that student loan/grant!)
  • Toiletries for your private bathroom/sink

What to expect

  • Welcome to your hall by the Warden, Week One Reps (who lived in your hall last year) and Karnival reps (UoN’s own charity fundraisers)
  • Welcome to Nottingham speech in the Sports Hall by the President of the Students’ Union
  • Followed by your first dinner (if in catered, a chance to try the food you will be eating for the next year or if self-catered, hopefully the start of a culinary adventure!)

My biggest tip is to knock on all the people in your block by the end of Week One if you do not meet them separately – trust me, it can get awkward if you have barely spoken by the end of the year, and take advantage of the time when everyone feels they can speak to random people in queues, it doesn’t last long!


Image credit: University of Nottingham.


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