Yasemin’s year

Published by the University of Nottingham’s Freshers 2014 Student Campaign: A fresh start blog (Online July 04, 2014).

Hi everyone, I’m Yasemin. I was in Sherwood Hall last year and I can honestly say that it is the people that make your first year!

I’m from Brighton which is often said to be one of the best places for nightlife in the UK but in my opinion Nottingham offers a lot more variety although that may be because we have actively tried new places.

I study International Relations and Global Issues which is a four year degree so I am probably going to be around for the same amount of time as most Freshers. My course actually includes a year abroad which I decided to take in my third year rather than second year as I wasn’t ready to leave UoN yet!

I took a gap year before university and I admit especially at the start I felt a difference between my (only slightly) younger students and myself but if you are in the same position as me when you start in September think of yourself as fortunate to have a bit more life experience in certain areas. You also have the downside of being more out of step with the reality of studying again so its ups and downs!

Nottingham is pretty unique in having a beautiful campus next to a bustling city and one of things I love about it is this balance, the campus is perfect for lazy people like me to have everything in one place while not sacrificing a social life, as the city offers students so many different options. Each hall having a JCR is also surprisingly uncommon and although you may not always think they are doing that much, they do offer a sense of community and chance to meet people.

Well that’s me for now – Welcome to Nottingham and see you soon!


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