Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 8

Published by Impact Magazine (Online) March 12, 2014.

Student Leader candidates have reported a quieter day of student engagement in campaigning, due to the usual sports practices and matches on Wednesdays. Voter turnout today, however, has suggested the opposite.

Chloe Averill, Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer candidate, said that many voters were ‘‘still making their mind up’’ and anticipated a last minute push. She also commented that Wednesdays were always quiet.

A member of Education Officer candidate, Pratheek ‘Raff’ Barinath’s campaigning team, noted that most students say they have voted but this is probably just so they do not have to stay and talk with them. He added that students probably ‘‘do not care’’- although he really just wants people to vote, even if it is not for his favoured candidate.

Equal Opps Impact (2)

Seonaid Deuchar, Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer candidate, felt that ‘‘overall, voter turnout is fantastic’’. Seonaid said the campaign has given her ‘‘more confidence to run again’’ next year if she is not elected on Friday.

Alex Turner, running for the position of Education Officer, also claimed that today is ‘‘dead’’ because ‘‘no-one is on campus’’ so his plan is to work on publicity.

Alex was ‘‘a bit disappointed’’ with the current turnout. He expected it to be higher this year, as there are more candidates. The branding and micro-site of student leaders have also attempted to encourage people to get actively involved.

With exactly 48 hours to go, voter turnout had reached 20.5% with 6578 voters.

Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu

Campus Reporter


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