Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 5

Published by Impact Magazine (Online) March 08, 2014.

Since voting opened on Thursday 6th of March, there has been a more visible presence from campaigners around campus. Despite a generally positive atmosphere amongst candidates, a consensus remains that the student body still seems to be unaware of the elections and the roles being sought after.

One of Harry Copson’s (President candidate) campaigners said: “no-one seems to have any idea about the elections”. He told Impact that he was attempting to inform students about what the SU does and the amount of money they have to spend.

This sentiment was reiterated by Pratheek ‘Raff’ Barinath, who commented that: “it is important to get as many as possible to vote”. However, Raff felt pleased following “a few really good conversations” with students and claimed people were “willing to talk” and get involved.


Outside Hallward library, two of Kiri Madhani’s (Sports Officer candidate) campaign team were asking passers-by if they had voted yet commenting, “it is going really well so far”. Madhani told Impactthat she had been conducting “face to face meetings with people already involved with sports, and trying to recruit people who weren’t”.

Portland seemed to be a popular place to campaign, with many groups handing out sweets by the various entrances. Chloe Averill, a candidate for Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer, said that Portland had been the busiest location so far, after a quieter visit to the Medicine School this morning.


Activities Officer candidate, Joe Caunce, was also spotted filming a campaign video with NUTS outside Portland.


Jack Mousley admitted to finding it difficult to balance the campaign with his dissertation but had been happy to meet with ‘enthusiastic’ students and was looking forward to continuing campaigning.


The first live voting statistics have been released by the Student Union and can now be viewed online.

B37 in Portland building also has live updates and an opportunity to view candidate’s manifestos.

The top five schools with the most voters are currently Geography, Computer Science, Economics, Politics and International Relations, and Humanities.

With regards to the number of voters in halls, Southwell Hall on Jubilee Campus is in the lead with 37.5% voter turnout, whilst Willoughby Hall on University Park is second with 20%.

Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu



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